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Why does the cost of essential oils differ so much?

There are a few reasons for the differing cost of essential oils. Firstly some plants produce lots of essential oils and are easy to extract and others produce small amounts and/or are very difficult to extract. For example, rose essential oil takes 3 tonnes of petals to yield 1 kilogram (1 litre) of essential oil. Where as one acre of lavender will produce 8-12 litres of essential oils.

But the most important reason for the difference in price is the difference in quality.

Organic or naturally farmed plants will be more expensive to produce than non-organic plants so the resulting essential oil will be more expensive.

Also how the essential oils are distilled makes a big difference to the quality of the essential oils and the price.

So my recommendation is – buy organic essential oils where possible, but not all can be produced organically. Buy your essential oils from a supplier who understands our industry and can answer questions you may have about the oils you are buying. This will ensure you get the highest quality of essential oils from a company who understands the need for safe practice.

Here at Obus Limited we supply organic essential oils wherever possible. We source our essential oils from farmers and suppliers who understand our need for the purest oils possible. And we source our vegetable oils, infused oils and hydrosols from suppliers who only supply herbal grade.