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Obus Skin Care Products

Obus Skin Care.

All of the products in the Obus Skin Care Range have been personally formulated by, myself, Christine Courtney, for Obus Limited. I have drawn on my knowledge and training as a Professional Aromatherapist and the healing power of modern aromatherapy through the use of:

Essential oils
Vegetable oils
Macerated oils
Vegetable butters
Aromatic Waters

Why use Obus Skin care products?

  • The acid mantle that sits on top of our skin is the body’s first line of defence against illness and it is vital to the body’s overall health. This mantle contains elements that maintain crucial moisture levels in the skin. Using vegetable oils or creams made from vegetable oils, on your skin regularly helps maintain and protect this vital layer.The Obus skin care range is aromatherapy based and its active ingredients are organic vegetable oils, plant extracts and essential oils, which will heal and protect this acid mantle.
  • All our products are formulated to help improve the skin and rejuvenate the complexion.The formulation of the creams and the careful choice of therapeutic grade essential oils make the Obus skin care range suitable for most skin type’s even very sensitive skin.
  • The Obus Skin Care products are manufactured in small batches in Ireland.
  • Obus Skin care products can be used as part of an overall skin care regime designed to help common skin problems. Supplemented with expert advice from a therapist, the products can be used to help conditions ranging from super-sensitivity to dull lifeless skin as well as acne, psoriasis and eczema.

Our ingredients

Vegetable oils: Our vegetable oils are organic and are chosen for their therapeutic effect on the skin.

Sun Screens: We use only mineral sun filters, which reflect the UVA and UVB rays rather than absorb them.

Preservatives: Some of our products do not need preservatives. Where we have added preservatives we have used a relatively low concentration of high grade,vegetable based preservatives, which have a broad-spectrum effect on bacteria, yeast, mould and fungi.

Genetically engineered ingredients: We never use anything that has been genetically engineered or modified.

Animal testing:We never test our products on animals.

Our ingredients explained in detail: